Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia is a non-profit
Islamic Institution. There is no
regular means of earning of Jamia. Help our Cause with your donations and zakat.

Currently the yearly expenses of all
departments of Jamia are above.
Nearly all these expenses are
met out with the donations/aid of
people like you.
If you wish to take part in the
endeavors of Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia
to support our Cause, you can help
us with your donations and zakat.
Please make your cheques payable to
“Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia”
Bank Account Details in pakistan
Meezan Bank G.T Road Branch Sahiwal
Name of A/C: Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia
AC #: 2102-0101322160
IBAN NO: PK49MEZN0021020101322160
UBL High Street Branch Sahiwal
Name of A/C: Jamia Uloom-I-Sharia
AC #: 056501212786
IBAN NO: PK30UNIL0000056501212786

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A professional institute that brings together students, scholars and practitioners to take part in both Islamic and Secular learning.

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