• Preservation of basic Islamic knowledge by learning the Holy books of Islam by heart.
  • Understanding of Islam from its original sources by learning & teaching Arabic grammar and language deeply.
  • Preparing competent teachers and preachers of Islam .
  • Making the student a true practicing Muslim following the steps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to become a symbol of Islam.
  • Research to guide the Muslims in their day to day activities.
  • Perform leading roll in every atmosphere of life.
  • Safeguard the real theme of Islam from attacks of various cheaters, disguises and misguideance.
  • Learn different languages and religions to broaden the mind and answer related questions in the correct manner.
  • Alleviate misconceptions against Islam & Muslims.
  • Bring peace to the world by practicing the true religion of Islam.

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A professional institute that brings together students, scholars and practitioners to take part in both Islamic and Secular learning.

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